By Kyle Kirkwood

Dear Will

I keep trying to write something that is powerful enough to represent the giant that you were. Ironically I spent all of my time in high school trying to follow in your footsteps. So instead of learning sentence structure and proper grammar in writing class I was trying to get a ride down to magnuson for the double keg or gaining entry to the infamous Will-A-Palooza by Cowan Park. So if my words fall short of brilliance, I have you to thank.

Will you are the man that made all others question their own manhood.  Spending a day with you at the beach made me realize I needed to hit the gym.  Spending a night partying with you made me admit that maybe I cant drink that much.

Talking politics with you made me want to know more about history, current events and the future

Seeing you as a Marine just made me jealous, whether it be your experience, your ribbon stack, rank or just physical appearance in the uniform.

The point is, that you made people want to be better. And the world is a little less without you.

Cheers, Salu, Semper, I love you Will