By Linda Kirkwood

My mom, who spoke to Kimmy almost daily especially during Will’s deployments, would like everyone to know that Will spent the last few years of his life doing everything he loved.  He filled his free time between deployments with unforgettable moments with his family, our family and many of his friends.  Some of that time was wild and crazy as we all know Will to be, but there was also lazy days at the beach with a book and a Frisbee, a hike in the woods or a trip to Disneyland with his family. 

My mom also takes great comfort today in knowing that while Will was gone he knew that Kimmy was home quietly waiting, cherishing every message, phone call and eagerly waiting his return. He knew he was never alone and deeply loved.


By Charlie Kirkwood

Hi Will its Charlie,

I want to thank you for giving our family the short but wonderful years that you did, especially Kimmy of course, as you’ve made her life rich and fun.  You’re one of those guys who changed the temperature of the room just by walking through the door, and I will always love that about you.  Your disciplined yet maverick style served you well with your Marines, and the added ingredients of fun & mischief created that ‘electro-magnetic’ personality of yours, which was irresistable to say the least.  We’re all going to miss that.

Not just this past week, but for the past six months for sure, I’d been scheming on the things I had intended to do with you for the years to come.  I mostly thought of serious stuff like ganging up on Kimmy and teasing her till she gets sick of us while on vacations together, or icing down beers and sneaking them on-board kayaks to top last summer’s 4th of July adventure.  I won’t mention Cabo and the Squid Roe Bar because if you’re smart you’re already working there anyway.

The one thing we won’t be doing again is throwing your football on Santa Monica Beach till the sun goes down.  This isn’t because you won’t be there to catch my wobbly passes, its because your endless energy finished off my rotator cuff the last time we did it.  I was just getting to know you Will, but I loved you already.