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Fallen Marine’s Heartbreaking Letter

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Diane Sawyer: Person of the Week

Diane Sawyer makes Will her person of the week. Watch the clip that aired on national news!

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By Christopher Santarelli

We often hear elected officials attempt to galvanize the American people by delivering messages of “hope” and “change,” that critics on both sides of the aisle in turn disparage as simple campaign rhetoric that will inevitably fade away or go unaccounted for.

After making the ultimate sacrifice, Sgt. William Stacey’s words will not only provide some comfort to his family, but undoubtably live on as an inspiration to men and women who fight for the freedoms he held most dear and was willing to defend at all costs. Read more…

The Tragedy and Grace of Sgt. William Stacey

By Lawrence Dabney

There aren’t too many Marines that I wanted to get a beer with once we were back home. I made good friends with many of them, but there weren’t more than a dozen who I really thought I’d spend time with once we’d returned to the civilized world of women and booze and concerns about what type of blinds to put on the windows. A lot of the real world doesn’t make sense out there. A lot of the things people here worry about. Try watchingReal Housewives and imagine what it looks like to a Marine just returned from their deployment. Beer makes sense though. Everyone makes plans to get a beer together once they’re back. I drank a lot of non-alcoholic Becks over there but needless to say it just ain’t the same. Read more…

Line in the Sand: An Afghan Firefight, First-Hand

By Lawrence Dabney

Kurghay, Afghanistan—We were rambling down the pass from the Bedouin’s tents when the first bullets winged by overhead. Long, drawn-out whistling sounds, almost musical, nothing like the zip I’d heard in flicks. The Sergeant thought it might be overshot fire from a couple klicks away,  aimed at a vehicle unit—Cat One—halfway between us and an insurgent position on the far side of the valley. Then Lance-Corporal Stephen Johnson, a combat cameraman a few meters behind me, piped up.

“Hey Sarge,” he said calmly, “that one landed right by my foot.”

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