By Jerry Lara

The key to Immortality is living a life worth remembering.

On January 31st Sgt William Stacey was immortalized. Will was our friend, hero idol but above all our brother. Any time you come to a new unit you always hear stories about certain marines. Stories that you had to have been there to believe. Well let me tell you everything ever said about Will was true. He was a true 2/4 legend. Everyone had either heard about or knew him. He was loved admired but above all respected by everyone. Will was a quiet motivator, not the YUT YUT oohrah kinda Marine but someone who was very passionate about his job and loved everything that he did. Will had a great deal of accomplishments. From two different meritorious promotions one to Cpl and the other to Sgt. He was on his 5th deployment and 3rd to Afghanistan. But none of that really mattered to him. In his eyes his greatest accomplishment was that he was a squad leader and in charge of 3-1. I remember watching Will stay up late with his red lens flashlight plotting the perfect route or ambush position. Constantly coming up with new ideas on how to defeat IED’s. I remember sitting in the hooch one day cleaning my weapon before a patrol and Will walked in with a look on his face like he had just come up with the greatest idea ever. He says to me “Grappling Gun” and I look at up and respond “Grappling Gun?!”. He says yeah grappling gun. What we will do is when we find an IED we will shoot at it to try and expose it kinda like the sical stick. I told him well we have to make sure the hook is either plastic or wrapped in electrical tape and he said of course. I told him come on this isn’t a movie you are not batman. Without missing a beat he says to me come on playa I’m better than that I’m Will Stacey! We laughed it off and kept talking. That’s just how he was. Always wanted to out smart the enemy and out due them. General George Patton said “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God such men lived.” No matter what happens from here on our or what we do. From this point on we will be remembered as Stacey’s Roughnecks.