Written & Read By Edward Pricola

Sgt, William Stacey. Or Will for some of you that knew him well. I met Will about three and a half years ago when I first came to 2/4. I remember specifically because I had just come to the fleet and he had just got back from his first deployment in Afghanistan. I knew right away something about this guy had this confidence that I have yet to see in any other Marine I’ve met.He was sitting there in desert cammies while everyone else was in the woodlands and it was like 11 in the afternoon. That is when I knew I was going to like him cause he was sitting there with a beer in his hand. After the next couple of years I got to know this guy a lot better and I can say that I have learned more from him about the Marines and how to lead Marines than I have learned from everyone else all together. I think I can speak for all the Marines that he’s lead, especially those that were a part of 3-1, Will was one of those guys that you look up to and strive to be just like.

The best thing I liked about Will was he spoke his mind no matter who was around. It didn’t matter if you out ranked him or were a subordinate. if he thought you were wrong about something, he would let you know. you couldn’t be mad at him if it was criticizing something you were doing, he just had a way of telling you without it offending you.
Losing Will was definitely really hard for everyone that knew him. I don’t think there was anyone that really didn’t like him. I feel like everyone who knew who he was would always have something good to say. A lot of times people only think about the fact that you’ve lost someone. For Will this is not the case. Yes it is a terrible thing what’s happened but Will left such a footprint in everyone’s life to include mine that it’s too hard to be sad. He was such a happy and fun guy that when you think of him all you can think of is the good times we’ve had with him. I love the guy and will never forget him and one day down the road im sure I will tell my kids about him when I talk about my experiences in the Marines. I pray for him everyday knowing he’s watching over us and I pray for his family and friends and hope that you all know that we are all here for them. Will was our brother, you are now our family. Thank you.